Ignite Fit Bar
The Home Gym
That Fits In
Your Desk Drawer

Ignite Fit Bar

The Home Gym That Fits In Your Desk Drawer

At Ignite, we’re raising the bar in compact fitness and bringing it right to your home. Introducing the Ignite fit bar, the free weight gym you can hold in one hand.

The Ignite Fit bar gives you three sets of dumbbells, a 7ft barbell, and the option for so much more. . . all in a foldable carry case smaller than a laptop bag.

An easily adjustable system allows you to choose your preferred resistance, letting you customise every exercise. Workout from home at your own level, and without the hassle of multiple clunky pieces of equipment taking up valuable floor space.

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The Ignite Fit bar is the only all-in-one plate-less bar that allows you to easily switch between the weight you lift.

One bar gives you

  • 4kg-14kg adjustable barbell
  • Three pairs of dumbbells – 2kg, 4kg, and 6 kg

How The Ignite Fit Bar Works

  • A central receiver bar attaches to individual 2kg component bars by way of a simple, secure screw mechanism.
  • As a complete unit, 7 component bars join to make a single 14kg barbell with capped ends.
  • Separated component bars can be used as individual 2kg dumbbells, or joined partially as dumbbells up to a weight of 6kg.
  • The Ignite Bar can be stored either on a discreet wall rack (available in our online shop), or disassembled into 7 pieces and placed in a carry bag (included), as shown below.

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What Sets The Ignite Fit Bar Apart

  • Convenience – Throw it in the back of your car, take it to the beach for a sunrise workout, or hide it away in a desk drawer until exercise time. Perfect for the home, office, or when you’re on the go.
  • Simplicity – With no need for additional weight plates, the Ignite Fit Bar gives you everything you need for a total resistance-training workout in just the bar.
  • Stability – Made of zinc-galvanized steel, the Ignite Fit Bar is as solid as it looks.
  • Versatility – Use it for anything from basic dumbbell and barbell workouts to more complex exercises. If that’s not enough, a few simple add-ons can take your home workout even further. Check out a few sample exercises below.

What You Can Do With The Ignite Fit Bar

Where to start?

From simple isolated exercises such as curls and tricep extensions to full-body compound movements, the basic Ignite Fit Bar package has you covered.

With optional add-ons, the opportunity for exercise ideas with the Ignite Fit Bar is endless

Some things to get excited about

We’re not stopping there. With multiple optional add-ons soon becoming available, the Ignite Fit Bar can constantly be upgraded to match your ability or change up your workout.

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