Ignite Fit Bar Full Set


The Ignite Fit bar is the only all-in-one plate-less bar that allows you to easily switch between the weight you lift.

Full set gives you:

  • 7 component parts
  • 2 dumbbell end caps
  • Branded Ignite Fit Bar bag

One bar gives you

  • 4kg-14kg adjustable barbell
  • Three pairs of dumbbells – 2kg, 4kg, and 6 kg

How The Ignite Fit Bar Works

  • A central receiver bar attaches to individual 2kg component bars by way of a simple, secure screw mechanism.
  • As a complete unit, 7 component bars join to make a single 14kg barbell.
  • Separated component bars can be used as individual 2kg dumbbells, or joined partially as dumbbells up to a weight of 6kg, with capped ends .
  • The Ignite Bar can be stored either on a discreet wall rack (available in our online shop), or disassembled into 7 pieces and placed in a carry bag (included), as shown below.


Delivery within Ireland included.

Returns will be accepted at the customers expense.